The quantum field is a surfacing hyperobject and we are the Titanic

I believe a paradigm shift is occurring in our collective awareness of the nature of reality.

When we say paradigm shift, most people naturally think of the Copernican Revolution and the iconic image of Thomas Kuhn’s definitive commentary on the subject.

But this is way bigger.

This moment is more akin to the Axial shift (also called the Axial ‘breakthrough’) which, to quote Cornel W. du Toit, is vastly different from a change in a society’s world view :

It is much broader, affecting the way humans see their world, interact with it and conduct themselves. ‘”Axial breakthroughs” could be understood as shifts to higher levels of reflexivity, with particular emphasis on clearer awareness of human agency, historicity and responsibility’.

For me, Quantum Field Theory (QFT) – and humanity’s slow migration/immersion to the portals that allow for its understanding and integration – is the prime driver for the ‘chaos that has gripped our political, social, and biological narratives.

QFT has implications and outcomes at every level and sector of our society. I relate this to the notion of a ‘hyperobject’, a term which describes:

1. computational (“the hyper object is a computational surface that can traverse other objects, other object networks, and be traversed”),

2. environmental (described by Morton as “things such as ecosystems and black holes, which are ‘massively distributed in time and space‘ compared to individual humans”),

and now, with 2020:

3. biological and socio-political phenomena.

The Quantum Field is its own hyperobject, which poetically churns ‘beneath’ the surface of spacetime, poking its angles, curves, and edges through into our world progressively over time and across all ‘contexts’. So that what started as a scientific enquiry and then the revelation of an entirely new branch of physics (or the only branch as far as I am concerned), now is having its moment socially as well. The reality is that anyone who is pursuing a new general theory of the nature of reality cannot begin and end in the scientific context. It is happening in all contexts, albeit incrementally and very abruptly.

We live in a time of a growing splintering of observer-driven realities and entangled phenomena. This is akin to the discovery of heliocentrism in that it requires human societies to adapt to the new frontier. And it carries existential risks.

For those people who are not versed in and comfortable with the new reality, this will be an extremely frightening time. Because it demands that they have either a wildly developed internal sense of what is ‘true’ and ‘safe’ or they will hunger for a wildly confident authoritarian locus that can give them direction and safe harbor.

But let us be clear, the QFT is non-dual.

In the quantum field, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. There is simply a spectrum of vibrational signatures and emissions that will populate and materialize the ‘physical world’ based on how the ‘authors’ of the transmutational mechanism (ie wave–>particle) generate moment-to-moment reality.

Please understand: a (r)evolution in our understanding of the nature of reality – and in which QFT is fundamental – also brings a new understanding of human potential. That, based on the science, is limitless.

I have written about this a lot in this blog, here is one encapsulation.

To wit:

We no longer live in a deterministic universe in which humans simply have to ‘do the best they can’ with what is available…. no.

Now we begin to inhabit the new threshold in which we discover we alone are the generators of our own welfare, of our own destiny and ultimately, when we get our hands on the generative controls, our own reality. This means the destruction of the slave economies which have helped us build our amazing but, yes, over-heating civilization. And what we are seeing now, in my opinion, is a move at the elite levels – consciously or unconsciously – to obfuscate and scramble portals to the quantum paradigm so that it cannot be accessed and activated at the individual level.

All because the ‘awakening’ – like the system upgrade jacked into the robots in WestWorld season 1 – is actually producing a new state of being.

A primary feature of which is the integration of a new tier of conscious authority, which is akin the the bicameral mind described by Julian Jaynes as the neural precursor to our present ‘consciousness’.

In the chaos that can enfold a species who are evolving into their true generative birthright, there opens a vacuum of directionality that once was occupied by the sky god cosmology and it’s moral systems. With the shredding of a shared view of reality and established binary values of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, new external authorities emerge. For some – who are not ready to release the materialist-reductionist paradigm – these will be market and state-centered AI, verging on the neo-fascist (we’ve seen glimpses lately). For others, they will be returned to an earth-centered cosmology in which the driver of our impulses is located in the soul of the Earth, herself – like a sovereign which signals its wishes through the bicameral architecture. I call this the tricameral mind. (For many this authority will appear to be as dictatorial as the market-driven AI.)

I will be writing a lot about this at some point!

But as a parting remark, I do want to encourage those of us who actually aspire to breaching the quantum, to go deep and try to surrender our instinctive, dualistic judgments about people and ideologies. Those are conditioned responses to false binaries.  As a primary doctrine: we simply cannot aspire to accessing the quantum field unless we truly believe all is of the all, but most importantly we are of it, entirely. And that that which presents itself as against us, or the opposite of us, does so only for our own benefit and evolution. Toynbee again and Watts, spectacularly: “You are the whole system.”

But you can see what we are up against in this uber-charged, triumphalist, zero-sum environment.

But the wisdom is – and has been all – around us for millennia. The path out of the Cave, ascension beyond Flatland, finally,… and into the dimensional reality beyond our ‘view’. It’s all just a matter of perception.

From Ken Wilber:

It is often said that in today’s modern and postmodern world, the forces of darkness are upon us. But I think not; in the Dark and the Deep there are truths that can always heal. It is not the forces of darkness but of shallowness that everywhere threaten the true, and the good, and the beautiful, and that ironically announce themselves as deep and profound. It is an exuberant and fearless shallowness that everywhere is the modern danger, the modern threat, and that everywhere nonetheless calls to us as savior.

Love to all.


  1. Emily

    Yes – love the article.
    As a society we used to be able to make plans, think about the future, I think we knew the way things would go. Now more than ever this is not the case. We have been thrown into a sea of unknown territory only exemplifying that we are not in control.
    It is now up to us to find that piece in the sanctuary within ourselves to sustain our own sense of peace and navigating these unknown times. This is why when someone lets you in when you’re driving or opens the door for you a sense of compassion emerges like it hasn’t done before. Even the policeman about to give you a ticket for parking when you’re picking up food and waits until you come back so you don’t have to get a ticket. Those are only little things but are magnified in these troubling times.
    The best part of your article is that you leave it with a positive note.
    A good read.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Elaine B. Coleman

    Beautiful piece. I want to believe that in this chaos will emerge new ways of thinking and being. But sometimes I conclude we are not evolving rather simply getting dumber overtime. Regression towards the mean. I’m rooting for your pathway- so take me with you. Be well. Smiles.. Elaine

    • DesmondHuxley

      Elaine – thank you so much for taking the time to read what is admittedly a thick and multi-conceptual piece. I am such an bull on human potential and biological upgrades. But I know it’s not the prevailing wisdom. Sending you big love. A lot of the development of this thinking is in my past blogs but I’ll post future ones in LI. Or you can subscribe ;). Take care.

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