The haunting of America

“The land knows you, even when you are lost.”

Robin Wall Kimmerer – Braiding Sweetgrass

Words are important.

So there is much in this tagline for us to consider.

What is the ‘soul of a nation’?  And, perhaps more critically, what is a ‘soul’?

As the subject of countless songs, poems, books, and expressions, the soul is probably the most referenced and least understood aspect of the human experience.  Think of all you have ever read or been taught about the soul.  What are some of the words that come to mind?  Immortal.  Ethereal.  Spiritual.  Subconscious.  It evokes a sense of the unknown at the same time that it seemingly forms a direct part of our most core identity.  

The soul is the part of our selves that is eternal, or some would even say, ‘divine’.

In terms of our spiritual identity, it is the primary aspect of our being.  Everything else we know about ourselves is superficial.  It’s window dressing.  Baby fat.  And yet how many among us describe themselves from the immortal perspective of their soul?  

Very few.

No wonder the soul is obscured so destructively by our human frailties, addictions, and beliefs that it is barely able to perform the one function it was designed for, and that is the expression of consciousness through the unique and individual vessel that is each human being.

I would suggest that the soul of a nation is in actuality governed by, or secondary to, the soul of the land which the nation occupies.

So then, if a soul – which implies eternality and pre-physicality – predates and supercedes a nation, then what does a battle for that mean?

And can anyone be at war for something that is non-physical?


All they can do is work toward the materialization of the soul.

By this I mean, like any human spiritual work, the process is to heal and re-engineer the ‘vessel’ so that it can be a clear channel for the soul’s expression in the material realm.

And if the soul of the ‘nation’ is not aligned with the soul of the ‘land’ – which, in the case of a nation that committed genocide and stole the land from a highly land-centered people – then in the emerging quantum context, the nation will disintegrate into the surfacing energetic field.

Is the ‘United States’ ready for this? (be careful what you ask for)

Because… what if the ‘soul’ of the land has its own volition and will and timeline for recalibrating the terrestrial with the spiritual?

And then, if the people occupying the land start talking about some battle for its soul, will they then become the recipients of a process in which the true soul of the land emerges?

In that respect, neither of these political ‘parties’ has any authentic claim to that ‘soul,’ and the true constituents (ie. those who represent, in their values and actions, the best surrogates of the land) will be returned to the role of stewardship.

I leave this short post with the words of Robin Wall Kimmerer and the admonition that anyone who claims to love the land and care for the future of this ‘nation’ should already own this book and know it well.

We Americans are reluctant to learn a foreign language of our own species, let alone another species. But imagine the possibilities. Imagine the access we would have to different perspectives, the things we might see through other eyes, the wisdom that surrounds us. We don’t have to figure out everything by ourselves: there are intelligences other than our own, teachers all around us. Imagine how much less lonely the world would be.


  1. Griff Foxley

    This question: “can anyone be at war for something that is non-physical?” Will be marinating in that all weekend. Thank you for sharing your view on all this.

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