Hunter Biden is meta and other revelations from the gangland presidency

Forgive me if I just rant-blog for a moment into my phone.

I’m going to offer a very unique take on the implications and significance of the Hunter Biden story. But first:

I just need to say…

Its been amazing for me, as a student of American foreign policy, to watch as very well-established commentators took up the story of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign in the 2016 election and yet, except for one occasion that I noted, none had the intellectual honesty – or historical awareness – to reflect on just how often and for how long USA agents have mercilessly toyed with other country’s elections, and imposed leaders far worse than Trump.

Far worse.

It is also still really kind of shocking – especially after all of the money and hours spent on the Russia investigations – that the only real output of the Mueller investigation was to surface obstruction charges – barely.  I don’t think we need to comment on the collective dumbness and babblemouthery of the Trump family. A group who, if they had indeed been involved in any way in a collusive scheme with Russia, would have definitely been outed. Harder to argue that they pre-emptively outsmarted the entire US intelligence apparatus, the massiveness of which may in the end be the one legacy of the Obama administration. Right?

But it gets even wilder and more troubling with this whole Hunter Biden email/NY Post/Twitter mess. Captured well by The Atlantic’s Kaitlyn Tiffany here.

Does anyone remember the Steele Dossier? Source of the alleged Trump pee tape disclosures and the essential driver for his Kompromat asset-control by Putin narrative.

Paid for by the DNC and essentially gathered by Russian agents working with MI6’s former Russian attaché, this unverified report was published by Buzzfeed and essentially treated as fact by the DNC media proxies, not to mention as the trigger for FISA warrants against a Trump team member (Carter Page) that justified spying on the campaign..

These two intelligence dumps – Steele and Hunter Biden – are literally and figuratively the same products being merchandized by political opponents against each other. Yet, consider the mainstream media and big tech reactions to both. This should be very very troubling to all.  

Back to that in a second.

First, the necessary clarification and acknowledgment: I know most feel Trump is a cancer. And yes, to a certain psychographic, he is beyond intolerable. For good reason. But it needs to be said for an entirely other psycho, he’s everything.

(For the record: my oft-stated take is that the entire two-party system is corrupt and weaponized instrument that acts on behalf of the US economic elite and it’s clients.)

And while I am not surprised that authentically left leaning Dems we’re forced into being ok with what happened to Bernie, I do think it’s crazy that more haven’t really questioned why the DNC would still run with the ghostly Biden even when they knew the Trump team had at least the kernels of the current Hunter Biden story that is being shopped, and that there is likely some substance to it. If not for the crack pictures alone – real or fake.

So people should seriously ask themselves why, with all the other people in the party, they would produce this as their representative in what everyone is now calling the most important election is US history.

The fact is: the most important thing for the DNC is to make sure that no one other than Biden get into power. Because the revolution is on. And people on the extremes of both ‘sides’ are talking about guillotines. It’s when those two suddenly discover their mutual enemy that purges happen. People know this. History is like physics. It doesn’t take algorithms to predict revolutionary event horizons based on social factors.

Which should tell you something about the kind of gang warfare that has infiltrated the highest levels of US government. Remember, Trump bitch-slapped and evicted the oldest serving bi-partisan tag team in US history. But he does a critical service in keeping what are inarguably the most dangerous Americans to the elite: the armed militias, working poor whites, and evangelicals.

This is a massive containment operation. For both sides.

But that’s only part of the threat.

To most of the world, the entire US political and economic system is a gloved fist of limitless resources and highly despotic intelligence operatives (run most recently by HRC at State) that orchestrates its will on socieities any where in the world (while keeping its domestic populace enthralled and entranced in well-programmed ‘civil rights’ disputes)… which needs to be dismantled.

And right now that system – which again governs by and for the .1% – is wrapping its electorate up in fits and delivering it into a system of Pavlovian sentiment engineering and information warfare (censorship) that is going to become the new normal.

And not in ways that we’ll-intentioned, good-valued Americans on either side of the ‘aisle’ will be happy with.

They’re being corralled. It’s called political stalking. And it’s highly effective in engineering behaviors from its targets. You can read Alan Watts’ take on it here.

Post After Publication:

A note on some of the assertions made in this piece. A close friend, journalist, and doc series producer made this comment on the Russia takes, here is my response:

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