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Digital identity is the matrix

At this point, social networks are more than just annoying expressions of market dynamics. If we don’t quickly shift to new drivers for social identity, we could find ourselves in an inescapable, paralyzing extinction algorithm.

The social networks have prospered with a destructive model of social identity. A new innovation could change all that.
Yeah, the digital social networks.

The silver lining is that a new paradigm in digital-social identity is emerging that can decisively challenge the centralized model of the social hegemons. Its called generative identity and it has the potential to engineer the drivers for status away from market-determined values (genetics, wealth, clicks, followers, brand partnerships) to a more dimensional paradigm.


It’s time to exit Flatland people. The long-awaited immersive realms of Snowcrash and RP1 are waiting at the next station. The only question is, are you ready to get off?

In this (non-mystical) think piece I outline the new tech and exactly how it can save us.