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Science comes for the reality lie, finally.

Donald Hoffman is developing a “scientific spirituality”.

[Note to my readers: I know this is super complex so just do your best!. I am sharing because I think this is the most revolutionary thinking happening right now, which is focused on actual paradigmatic change and not more incremental deck chair choreography.]

Professor Donald Hoffman is the undeniable front-runner in terms of developing the scientific context for a paradigm shift in our understanding of reality. He equates our experiential realm – what we see, hear, taste, touch, smell – as akin to playing a video game like Grand Theft Auto.

Wherein we have an experiential layer that is easily comprehended by the human senses and navigable for all our wants and needs. But which is only the interface that lies ‘in front’ of the vast and complex computational sausage factory that generates it.

This is your brain on spacetime

He has rooted his studies and theorem in evolutionary game theory and simulations which prove – through mathematical formulae – that historically, in evolutionary terms, this total mis-understanding of the nature of this ‘reality’ we are living has been essential to our survival. As he writes in the Abstract for his 2014 paper The Origin of Time In Conscious Agents, the “interface theory of perception proposes that:

“Our perceptions are not windows on truth, but are more like the windows interface of a PC. The icons on the desktop of a PC allow us to use the computer without being distracted by irrelevant details about its internal structure and operation. 

Similarly, our perceptions allow us to act adaptively in the world while being ignorant of its true structure.

Space-time is our species-specific desktop and physical objects are icons on that desktop. Space-time and physical objects are not insights into objective reality, but species-specific adaptations that allow us to survive and

This requires a radical reformulation of our notion of the nature of objective reality…”

Taking it further in a podcast with ZDogg (linked below), Hoffman says that in evolutionary terms “organisms that see reality as it actually is have lower odds of survival than organisms of equal complexity that see none of reality and are just tuned to fitness payoffs. In general, fitness payoffs destroy information about the structure of reality.”

Watch Donald Hoffman, here.

For those of us who have been working – from a non-scientific basis – on the development of a new understanding of the actual operational nature of this spacetime reality, this has profound implications. Why?

Because, we understand that we are locked into an extinction algorithm by the market and political authorities, and their proxies, which assert that we know all there is about reality and how to change it (voting, investing etc). And Hoffman’s theory offers a potential for accessing the gears that generate our paradigm and working from the inside out – instead of the outside in as our current authorities prescribe. Which they do because it keeps us locked in a deterministic framework that they essentially manage and control.

As Hoffman rightly indicates during the podcast:

We’ve become Wizards at playing Grand Theft Auto. We’ve been come stunningly good. We used to be really bad at playing our interface and then we died from not being able to take out the problems in the body and so forth. So we’ve become wizards at GTA.

But now I’m someone who discovers, Grand Theft Auto, that’s just a program on the screen, that you’re seeing. There’s all the circuits and software behind it, and they actually get access to the code. And they realize that they can hack the code. They can start to do stuff to Grand Theft Auto that the Wizards are going to go, “that is magical, I had no idea that you could do that.” 

So the Wizards themselves will be left in the dust and that’s what this new level of seeing the conscious agents behind objective reality is going to open up a Pandora’s Box. It will be allowing us to get behind the screen and get into the source code of the game. And even change the parameters perhaps of space and time. The technology that comes out of this is going to be truly truly stunning. All of our science and scientific tools have been about the interface and how it works. And we’ve been wonderful at that.  The tools of science are up to the job of going beyond the interface and looking at this realm of conscious agents behind the interface and then reverse engineering that whole thing and playing our interface. 

So this is going to bring a lot of responsibility to us because once we understand the mapping from conscious agents into our space-time interface, we understand how to hack it, who knows what kind of technologies are going to open up.

 It will leave current scientific technology in the dust. It is going to be a whole new level.

Historically, the study and illumination of the mechanisms which generate our experiential realm have been labeled and derided as ‘mystical’. The study and practice of accessing those mechanisms and manipulating reality have been known as ‘magic’, labeled heretical and punished barbarically.

It used to be torture and burnings, then ridicule and academic censure. Now they need us.

In this context, you can see why the past Authorities have done everything in their power to destroy any and all theorists or practitioners of magic and actual mysticism (not the banal and benign New Age kind), which they mostly did.

Or pushed it very far underground.

But with the failure of science to construct a viable theory of the nature of reality, we are now seeing unprecedented msm/scientific think pieces that are posing new and entirely revolutionary ways of understanding reality. In the past week we saw this Salon piece on panpsychism which is another heretical deconstruction of what we are experiencing (though one that Hoffman – who already contends with the derision of his peers on his own theory, which is rooted in mathematical theorem – feels lacks scientific rooting). Or this, from Scientific American, which places the conundrum of quantum physics next to Plato’s Cave – though predictably mocking the ancient philosopher for his certainty about the nature of reality – which my readers know is one of my favorite mystical narratives.

Hence my renewed excitement about Hoffman, who I have been reading for years and who places himself outside of the regressive scientific academy that has captured his peers.

For thousands of years, we’ve only had words. Lectures. But no mathematically precise statements and predictions. Why shouldn’t we use the best tools of understanding that we have – namely the scientific method – to address the questions that are the most important to us as human beings? 

Science is up to the task.

So what I want to see is an interaction between the genuine ideas that the spiritual traditions that come up with, and the new methods of science that take those ideas, make them absolutely precise, make rigorous predictions that we can test, and then go back and forth. That’s how we find out which of our ideas are the genuine insights on which were just nonsense.

If you are awakening to the dire truth: that we are responding to civilizational threats in highly authoritarian/deterministic ways that only serve to edify current desktop-paradigm hierarchies, this is your wake up call.

There is a vast new territory opening to those who authentically want to CHANGE reality instead of simply modifying our relation it with incremental adaptations that have nothing to do with the actual mechanism that generates it, while increasingly empowering those authorities who are most threatened by a paradigm shift that would enfranchise all people in a new level of agency and autonomy and… yes, reality creation.

For me, the impetus for this work is rooted in the learning or discovery of liberationist modalities. I am always surprised that we don’t see more (r)evolutionary movements investigating these scientific approaches to engineering new social, political, and economic outcomes for their people. Except of course, the Black Quantum Futurists, who are my absolute heroes and definitely on the bleeding edge of quantum liberationism.

Are you going to be a muggle or a wizard? What was once a fanciful and mostly rhetorical question is increasingly one we will all need to consider as the time for deep system change moves toward us. As my readers know, this is something I relate to the surfacing hyperobject that is the quantum society.

In my view, we are indeed living in a profoundly complex and beautifully-rendered interface that overlays and masks the quantum engine that generates our reality. But this interface is not just a desktop, it is a sentient layer. Call it (big N) Nature. As the mystics have long told us, it has volition and purpose and is coded with its own set of game mechanics designed to entice its players to a new level of self- and ontological-awareness.

What is more beautiful than the idea of a cosmic mother urging her offspring keystone species to level up through the simulation of an experiential realm that is unraveling in cataclysmic proportions?

Our recorded history is one great evolutionary thrust, which has brought us to this moment of profound crisis but also, as Hoffman repeats ad nauseum, of great potential. Science has been miraculous in its applications — it got us this far, and (amazingly) with a vastly limited understanding the ‘meta workings’ of our world — and it is perfectly staged to embolden a new generation of pioneers who have the incentive to break from the dogmas of scientism and embrace an entirely new approach to decoding our world. This is our moment. We can either remain in our Cartesian mode and die with those ancient certainties… or break out of the orthodoxies of the old world to embrace a new approach that finally unites the false duality of science and spirituality, into a hyper-modern scientific spirituality, to solve the great mystery of our world.

And in so doing, secure our future within it.

GK 55

The dragonfly emerges

Nine things you need to know about the surfacing quantum society.

1/9 We are witnessing the birth of the quantum society (QS), which is the successor of the market society. In practical terms, this is the shift from a deterministic application of reality to a generative one that will have tectonic implications for our systems.

What does that mean?

2/9 The market society is the ultimate expression of the reductionist/materialist paradigm. It is a society which universally asserts the market’s authority to assign/determine value to all terrestrial resources, including human ‘capital’.

3/9 Once productized, we are atomized. Taught from the earliest of ages to maximize our potential in order to sell our value into the market. Where we become components of a de-spiritualized materialist, industrial mechanism. And where our destiny is wholly dependent on a spectrum of external, determined market forces.

4/9 Quantum society is the direct inversion of the market society. Because constituents of the quantum society gain agency and power by entraining their thoughts and actions to the features of the surfacing hyperobject of the quantum field – entanglement, complementarity etc.

5/9 At the subatomic level – which only a reductionist would claim has no connection to our economic and political experiences – we are a limitless domain of infinite potential. This is where we potentiate our experience at the wave-to-particle conversion plane that we know as 3D.

6/9 The quantum society – which is being materialized as a procedural milestone of human evolution, and not as some human-driven effort – ‘generates’ its social/political/economic experiences from the quantum field.

7/9 The market ‘paradigm’ – which at this stage is governed and administrated by intelligent algorithms – understands this existential threat. It knows that in order to maintain its control and authority over a population that has the innate power to generate its experiences it must convince its population that ‘reality’ is deterministic so they continue to ‘generate’ the market paradigm.

8/9 This is because at the cornerstone of a stable quantum society [in which humans have access to their reality-generating creative agency] there is the need for a paradigmatic authority. One that governs the central organizing narrative which, as Yuval Noah Harari told us, is a figment of our imagination. Otherwise it’s bedlam. The market paradigm has provided this cosmological ballast for 200 years, superceding and augmenting the reductionist scientific paradigm, which arose from the Copernican revolution. These are both in decline now.

9/9 When you begin to see the ‘world’ through these eyes, you will find yourself in the depths of a Platonic Cave, shackled to stare upward at a sphere upon which some phantom minority are parading the shadows of a reality we cannot alter or disrupt.

This is the long-awaited moment of emergence.

Aspirational addendum: the role of the quantum initiate is to actualize the new world by grasping its parameters. And to begin the process of scrubbing our genetic and experiential programming of false narratives so that we can generate without being hijacked by old programs.

Note: I use the image of the dragonfly in these conversations because its metamorphosis is the closest biological analogy that exists to what we are experiencing. It is also the symbol of Gene Key 55, which advents the shift from victimization – the defining illusion in the reductionist-market paradigm – to freedom – which is the new currency for all who (re)awaken to their quantum potential.

this (r)evolution

3d2179d8adfb86ba0076dbcae6a1e0cbI’m not sure when it first began.
 It was always a voice within my psyche from my earliest days, and it has grown louder over the years:  The sensation deep within me that something transformative is going to happen in my lifetime.  Not just in my own personal story, but in the long narrative of our human species.

Of course, it’s become cliché to talk about the millennial angst of imminent apocalypse.  The prophecies and predictions are natural curiosities for this time of uncertainty.  But I’m talking about something much more hopeful.  A metamorphosis, a civilization-wide transition, that intrinsically alters the world and my place within it.   

I know that I am not alone in this awareness.  People of all cultures have been experiencing the same anticipation.  For some, it is the feeling of dread and loss.  For, others, a sense of optimism and relief.  It all depends on what kind of story they believe in.  And in what way it will shape our future.

But this process cannot be engineered by people who are not committed to undergoing a process of transmutation and evolution.  It cannot be driven by those who still work within the confines of an old paradigm that is dualistic and adversarial to the very force of nature that will be the guiding impulse of the new earth.


This will require a kind of willful forgetting of everything we think to be true about our reality and the nature of our beings.  Coupled with a remembering of something so ancient and futuristic, so terrestrial and cosmic, that we suddenly begin to surface an awareness of something within us that exists beyond time and space.

I have embarked on this journey. And I say very carefully: embarked.  I am so aware that I am at the beginning of something that I may never finish in this lifetime, that I know I have been inoculated from the inclination to preach about what I am finding here, in this deeply magical and mystical space.  The only thing I want to say is that it is a process of healing.

And that is all it is. That is all it will ever be.

Because once I had begun this process of self-healing, I rediscovered that same unwavering sense that a new world is being born.  Only this time, it was no longer a quiet signal emitting from some distant part of my self.  Now, it came as a powerful beacon with the offer of a journey.  One that steered me to a new understanding of myself and, ultimately, of the innate power that we all have to create the new world that is our inheritance.

This blog is about that journey.  It is about the mystics and their philosophies who helped me to find my way from terrestrial blindness to high-altitude perspective.  More than anything, it is about a set of laws which have been in existence for thousands of years, but which no more than a handful of us were able to accept as canons. 

And which we all now must. 

It is my firmest conviction that unless a critical mass of our human civilization undergo a fundamental shift in the way we understand ourselves, and the spiritual dimension in which we operate, then we will go the way of the apocalyptic prophecies.  But if we can steer our way toward adopting a new consciousness, as our species has done at so many critical moments in its evolution, then there is a chance that we will manifest that very future that has been living inside of me, and so many others, for so long.

In its broadest sense, this (r)evolution implies the acceptance of a responsibility as divine beings with infinite creative power. One that begins with self-knowledge and evolves into the transmission of clean thoughts, words, and actions which impact and transform the physical plane.

It requires that we each embark on a vigilant and sustained process of self repair, thereby changing the vibration of the world one person at a time, until we have reached a critical mass and initiated an energetic paradigm shift in the consciousness of our human civilization.

We begin by learning who we are, and what we are not.  Our goal is very simple:

Materialize the spiritual. 

Are you with me?