Science comes for the reality lie, finally.

Donald Hoffman is developing a “scientific spirituality”.

[Note to my readers: I know this is super complex so just do your best!. I am sharing because I think this is the most revolutionary thinking happening right now, which is focused on actual paradigmatic change and not more incremental deck chair choreography.]

Professor Donald Hoffman is the undeniable front-runner in terms of developing the scientific context for a paradigm shift in our understanding of reality. He equates our experiential realm – what we see, hear, taste, touch, smell – as akin to playing a video game like Grand Theft Auto.

Wherein we have an experiential layer that is easily comprehended by the human senses and navigable for all our wants and needs. But which is only the interface that lies ‘in front’ of the vast and complex computational sausage factory that generates it.

This is your brain on spacetime

He has rooted his studies and theorem in evolutionary game theory and simulations which prove – through mathematical formulae – that historically, in evolutionary terms, this total mis-understanding of the nature of this ‘reality’ we are living has been essential to our survival. As he writes in the Abstract for his 2014 paper The Origin of Time In Conscious Agents, the “interface theory of perception proposes that:

“Our perceptions are not windows on truth, but are more like the windows interface of a PC. The icons on the desktop of a PC allow us to use the computer without being distracted by irrelevant details about its internal structure and operation. 

Similarly, our perceptions allow us to act adaptively in the world while being ignorant of its true structure.

Space-time is our species-specific desktop and physical objects are icons on that desktop. Space-time and physical objects are not insights into objective reality, but species-specific adaptations that allow us to survive and

This requires a radical reformulation of our notion of the nature of objective reality…”

Taking it further in a podcast with ZDogg (linked below), Hoffman says that in evolutionary terms “organisms that see reality as it actually is have lower odds of survival than organisms of equal complexity that see none of reality and are just tuned to fitness payoffs. In general, fitness payoffs destroy information about the structure of reality.”

Watch Donald Hoffman, here.

For those of us who have been working – from a non-scientific basis – on the development of a new understanding of the actual operational nature of this spacetime reality, this has profound implications. Why?

Because, we understand that we are locked into an extinction algorithm by the market and political authorities, and their proxies, which assert that we know all there is about reality and how to change it (voting, investing etc). And Hoffman’s theory offers a potential for accessing the gears that generate our paradigm and working from the inside out – instead of the outside in as our current authorities prescribe. Which they do because it keeps us locked in a deterministic framework that they essentially manage and control.

As Hoffman rightly indicates during the podcast:

We’ve become Wizards at playing Grand Theft Auto. We’ve been come stunningly good. We used to be really bad at playing our interface and then we died from not being able to take out the problems in the body and so forth. So we’ve become wizards at GTA.

But now I’m someone who discovers, Grand Theft Auto, that’s just a program on the screen, that you’re seeing. There’s all the circuits and software behind it, and they actually get access to the code. And they realize that they can hack the code. They can start to do stuff to Grand Theft Auto that the Wizards are going to go, “that is magical, I had no idea that you could do that.” 

So the Wizards themselves will be left in the dust and that’s what this new level of seeing the conscious agents behind objective reality is going to open up a Pandora’s Box. It will be allowing us to get behind the screen and get into the source code of the game. And even change the parameters perhaps of space and time. The technology that comes out of this is going to be truly truly stunning. All of our science and scientific tools have been about the interface and how it works. And we’ve been wonderful at that.  The tools of science are up to the job of going beyond the interface and looking at this realm of conscious agents behind the interface and then reverse engineering that whole thing and playing our interface. 

So this is going to bring a lot of responsibility to us because once we understand the mapping from conscious agents into our space-time interface, we understand how to hack it, who knows what kind of technologies are going to open up.

 It will leave current scientific technology in the dust. It is going to be a whole new level.

Historically, the study and illumination of the mechanisms which generate our experiential realm have been labeled and derided as ‘mystical’. The study and practice of accessing those mechanisms and manipulating reality have been known as ‘magic’, labeled heretical and punished barbarically.

It used to be torture and burnings, then ridicule and academic censure. Now they need us.

In this context, you can see why the past Authorities have done everything in their power to destroy any and all theorists or practitioners of magic and actual mysticism (not the banal and benign New Age kind), which they mostly did.

Or pushed it very far underground.

But with the failure of science to construct a viable theory of the nature of reality, we are now seeing unprecedented msm/scientific think pieces that are posing new and entirely revolutionary ways of understanding reality. In the past week we saw this Salon piece on panpsychism which is another heretical deconstruction of what we are experiencing (though one that Hoffman – who already contends with the derision of his peers on his own theory, which is rooted in mathematical theorem – feels lacks scientific rooting). Or this, from Scientific American, which places the conundrum of quantum physics next to Plato’s Cave – though predictably mocking the ancient philosopher for his certainty about the nature of reality – which my readers know is one of my favorite mystical narratives.

Hence my renewed excitement about Hoffman, who I have been reading for years and who places himself outside of the regressive scientific academy that has captured his peers.

For thousands of years, we’ve only had words. Lectures. But no mathematically precise statements and predictions. Why shouldn’t we use the best tools of understanding that we have – namely the scientific method – to address the questions that are the most important to us as human beings? 

Science is up to the task.

So what I want to see is an interaction between the genuine ideas that the spiritual traditions that come up with, and the new methods of science that take those ideas, make them absolutely precise, make rigorous predictions that we can test, and then go back and forth. That’s how we find out which of our ideas are the genuine insights on which were just nonsense.

If you are awakening to the dire truth: that we are responding to civilizational threats in highly authoritarian/deterministic ways that only serve to edify current desktop-paradigm hierarchies, this is your wake up call.

There is a vast new territory opening to those who authentically want to CHANGE reality instead of simply modifying our relation it with incremental adaptations that have nothing to do with the actual mechanism that generates it, while increasingly empowering those authorities who are most threatened by a paradigm shift that would enfranchise all people in a new level of agency and autonomy and… yes, reality creation.

For me, the impetus for this work is rooted in the learning or discovery of liberationist modalities. I am always surprised that we don’t see more (r)evolutionary movements investigating these scientific approaches to engineering new social, political, and economic outcomes for their people. Except of course, the Black Quantum Futurists, who are my absolute heroes and definitely on the bleeding edge of quantum liberationism.

Are you going to be a muggle or a wizard? What was once a fanciful and mostly rhetorical question is increasingly one we will all need to consider as the time for deep system change moves toward us. As my readers know, this is something I relate to the surfacing hyperobject that is the quantum society.

In my view, we are indeed living in a profoundly complex and beautifully-rendered interface that overlays and masks the quantum engine that generates our reality. But this interface is not just a desktop, it is a sentient layer. Call it (big N) Nature. As the mystics have long told us, it has volition and purpose and is coded with its own set of game mechanics designed to entice its players to a new level of self- and ontological-awareness.

What is more beautiful than the idea of a cosmic mother urging her offspring keystone species to level up through the simulation of an experiential realm that is unraveling in cataclysmic proportions?

Our recorded history is one great evolutionary thrust, which has brought us to this moment of profound crisis but also, as Hoffman repeats ad nauseum, of great potential. Science has been miraculous in its applications — it got us this far, and (amazingly) with a vastly limited understanding the ‘meta workings’ of our world — and it is perfectly staged to embolden a new generation of pioneers who have the incentive to break from the dogmas of scientism and embrace an entirely new approach to decoding our world. This is our moment. We can either remain in our Cartesian mode and die with those ancient certainties… or break out of the orthodoxies of the old world to embrace a new approach that finally unites the false duality of science and spirituality, into a hyper-modern scientific spirituality, to solve the great mystery of our world.

And in so doing, secure our future within it.

GK 55

In which I take mushrooms and am returned to a seminal wound

There were seven of us that afternoon, assembled in a loose circle watching as the 1-gram portions of ground psilocybin were mixed into liquid cacao.

It was a cold February afternoon. A Sunday, fittingly, which somehow became the appointed moment for this impromptu mushroom journey. All of us were pretty experienced psychonauts, and the dose was small. But it felt special because we were going to take our trip in a 3D immersive sound room, with two amazing sonic alchemists guiding our way.

My history with mushrooms dates back to high school, when a friend was gifted a box of long-stemmed white and blue-tinged Psilocybe mexicana, packed in still-moist soil. We snuck into the forest behind our dorm and gagged as we shot gulps of RC Cola to get them down. Nothing happened for what seemed like an hour until, just as we were about to head back to study, we were overcome by a rush of psychedelic nausea and world-enveloping synesthesia. I still remember us running deep into the forest, howling like a pack of wolves; equally terrified by the overwhelming immersion of the state-change and the risk of being caught by a teacher without the faculty to explain ourselves.

My first mushrooms were long, wet and blue-tinged.

Hours later and near dark, we ended up on the bank of a river, in the quiet of our own trips, simulating some amoebic emergence with our fingers and hands. Then it was over, as suddenly as it started.

And my on-again off-again love affair with mushrooms had begun.

Despite the intensity of that first trip, I always regarded psilocybin as a kind of secondary psychedelic to LSD. It was something we took at parties and festivals. Mostly fun, always nausea-inducing, these fungi never really got me to the kind of hysterical, trippy-technicolor, reality-expanding mind loops that acid delivered. And when I discovered DMT, the ‘food of the gods’ moved even further into the periphery.

But on this afternoon, with these special people, I felt excited at the prospect of a low-impact, sonically-guided trip into the psi-realm. Our beautiful chemist passed out small copitas with the shroom-cacao cocktail and, after a short blessing and setting of intentions, we downed the delicious serum.

The room was circular and dark, the walls lined with ambisonic speakers. Soft cotton mats were arranged on the floor in a semi-circle in front of a beautiful array of bowls, gongs, and xylophones. From the center of the roof hung a microphone. We gathered around it, uttering whispered incantations and animal noises that echoed and filled the space. Our hosts began to send tones and frequencies into the mix and very soon we all felt the medicine kicking in.

Who needs SpaceX?

We fanned out, each taking a mat.

I lay on my back and relaxed into the psychotropic energy that was pulsing through my body; the psilocybin gripped my jaw and I closed my eyes.

I want to say it was immediate, the quantum transport to a time and a place as distant as possible from that moment.

As distant as possible – but also deeply familiar – because it is the first sequential memory that I possess. And one that I have thought about perhaps more than any other memory in my life. But not because it evokes anything close to happiness or nostalgia. Rather, it is significant due to the sheer horror of the event, and the complex mystery it seeded at the core of my being.

Indeed, I knew this spacetime coordinate well enough that, as soon as I realized where I was, I instinctively curled up into a protective ball and held my self very tightly. Tears moistened the edges of my eyes. But not the kind born from the recognition of something lost, that cathartic release that emerges from the emotional reservoir of the heart. No, this was something altogether different; a more profound and paralyzing level of anguish.

This was coming from the depths of my soul.

But instead of opening my eyes and trying to shut it out, I felt the gentle authority of the medicine push heat into my body, holding my heart. Asking me to trust.

Trust this.

So I surrendered and let my self fall fall fall back back back, until I was there, in that memory, in a way that I had not been since the time that it all went down.

[It is at this point that I must warn anyone who is triggered by childhood sexual or physical trauma: that while this story does not contain images that approach anything close to the standard evils of those narratives, it is traumatic in wholly other ways. So do proceed with that in mind.]

The year is 1973. I am five years old, in my Kindergarten class at a small school called St. Joseph’s in Montreal. We are sitting at our desks, which are arranged in a small square. At the front of the room is a line of painting easels, fresh paper drawn from the coiled rolls. The scent of acrylic paint filling the room.

Our teacher calls out names – in alphabetical order – of the students who’s turn it is to paint that day. Mine is second or third and I stand happily to take my first shot at public art.

I am still amazed at how clearly I remember the action of dipping my brush into the rich electric blue paint and committing a thick line to the virgin paper. It felt so… perfect; that magikal act of turning nothing into something.

But the satisfaction only lasts a few moments because the next thing I feel is the heat of urine running down my leg. My ears burn with fear that quickly shifts into shame and I glance back to see a thin line of yellow liquid running into the seats of my classmates.

I panic and drop my brush. Burst from the room, run across the hall into the bathroom, and lock my self in a large wooden stall. From which I do not emerge until my mother has been sent for and is pleading with me to open the door and come out. Which I do, but not until I have been assured the other children are out for recess.

Here, the sequential linearity of the memory breaks down and fast-forwards to the home office of our pediatrician. I am naked and my penis is being examined. The doctor is telling my mother I am going to need to have an operation. She is telling me that everything will be OK.

I’m not so sure.

Fast forward again.

Now I am on a hospital bed. In a large room with other people in hospital beds, which are being wheeled toward the door of an operating room, as their turn gets closer. My mother is with me as I receive the anesthetic shot in my butt.

Waiting my turn.

Some more time passes and then comes the nurse with the gas. My mother squeezes my hand and waves goodbye. I watch as the mask is placed over my mouth and nose, which immediately makes me drowsy.

The hospital bed starts to move. I feel the anesthetic – oh that syrupy transcendence that I would crave for the rest of my life – turn my body into an oasis.

And I begin to lift out of my body.

Back in the mushroom journey, I am lying face down on my mat, my knees hugged tightly into my chest. At some point, early on, I removed my hoodie and am now using it as an absorbent to soak up the torrent of tears, and to muffle the incessant sobbing.

Carnal precipitation evoked by the deep sorrow and compassion I feel for for this child. This little boy I am now hovering above as he lies on the hospital bed, innocent and still in love with the world.

I remember thinking to my self: this tsunami of feeling that the mushrooms have unleashed from my heart, this nectar of empathy coursing through my entire being… is a kind and quality of self-love I have never experienced, in my whole life.

I gripped my hoodie harder, pressing my face into it to ensure that the others would not hear me scream. Because I know what comes next.

It happens suddenly. Out of the dark void that is protecting me from my surgery.

My eyes open.

And I am lying on the table, with the white-cloaked torsos of masked nurses and doctors standing around me. Looking down at my center, at my core. At my small penis that is in some contraption, holding it straight, and some thin metal spike-like object entered into the tip. Into my shaft.

I can feel it pinching, cutting, contaminating my entire being.

Cutting me open on some spiritual dimension.

The feel of the metal on my flesh – which even now, as I write these words, has me in body-shock and gripping the head of my cock through my jeans – sends a kind of terrible electricity through my tiny body.

I scream.

A nurse reacts and lunges toward me, pushing the gas mask back over my face. I take one last look at my impaled organ and black out.

Oh. God. Oh fuck…

I lay there on my mat, in the damp residue of my trauma. Watching the memory flicker out to the perimeter of my mind’s eye. The final image: a trickle of blood in the toilet back at my home, and then the sting of urine. A return to normalcy, but never to a normal life.

Why did you show me this?

I must have asked the question, because the answer came quickly. In that oneiric un-voice that comes from some all-knowing territory.

You need to understand.


Understand?… I pushed back. I have always understood this was a seminal (no pardon for the pun) wound. I have always known that it was something I had to live with. That it had… impact. How many other people had suffered way more traumatic – and more maliciously orchestrated – medical injuries?

But this is about you.

But I knew that. I could feel the pulse of recognition, and the new kind of emotion washing through my body. The kind you feel when an angel walks across your path.

Now, here, finally… I could see – I was being shown – the linear connectivity between the painting of that blue line and the trauma that has penetrated my entire creative life. (Even as I have struggled to write this piece, I have felt the consistent waves moving from my center, telling me NO.) 

It’s almost inconceivable that I got this far.

But I can also say, that since the experience of that psilocybin journey, the trauma has lessened its hold on me. 

Because there, on that mat – with my entire being entangled in the fabric of that timeless injury – the medicine was showing me how to use my access to the quantum field to travel there and re-experience it from the vantage point that is required for integral healing.

Because that memory, and that moment, have now been altered forever. It is no longer a five-year old boy waking up alone and terrified with some alien object cutting into his flesh and weird unsympathetic strangers hovering over him. 

Now I am “with him” signaling with absolute authority that everything is going to be ok. And that my presence there is absolute proof of that.

Using this visioning process, I continue to alter it, and many other traumatic and self-forming aspects of my story, in the same way. And I have seen the evidence of how this healing modality transforms my present self. Even the writing of this testimonial is evidence of that; I could not have written this even a year ago. It happens incredibly slowly, but trust me, we are entangled directly with every spacetime coordinate that is part of our ‘life’.

[I had an incredible experience with this as I was doing somatic healing with a practitioner a year after the psilocybin journey. She was working with me on the “moment of the waking up” on the operating room table, and she asked me to identify what autonomic response (fight or flight) I was feeling: “Is your instinct to fight or to run away?” I sat there trying to find the answer, because neither seemed right. And then I sensed it: “I just feel neither. I am paralyzed.” And with that I began to feel this incredibly strong wave of narcotic dreaminess flowing into the room. It was almost frightening. 

“Do you feel that?” I asked. 

“Yes”, she said. 

“What is it?”

“It’s the anesthetic. Just let it happen.”

And I did. I let my body secrete the sensation it had absorbed nearly fifty years ago into the room, as it did its work to reconstitute and re-integrate its fractured pieces.]

This may sound totally fantastical. But its what happened. And what continues to happen as long as I focus on the work.

We all have the power to travel to any moment or time of our life that we choose. To energetically connect with those facets of ourselves (and our genetic predecessors) which rule and define us from the moments of injury, and to push love and compassion and protection into the territory of our memories. Because in quantum, all moments are living and entangled components of the present. All are viable portals to regaining agency over our lives.

[I often write about how this extends beyond the personal, with revolutionary implications.]

As the medicine wore off, I became aware that all my tears were the instinctual, grateful recognition that, finally, some part of my self was actually going to help this child. And it was all happening with the help of this magical intelligent plant called psilocybin. How lucky we are to have them here to help us, especially at this time, when so many of us have so much to heal. Especially as we undertake the mission to create a new world from our power and not our wounds

I leave you with a picture of myself taken last week in the wilds of Oregon, where I did a solo mushroom trip – yes, they’re back on top! – running naked and barefoot along the soft mossy paths. Until I found a river and immersed my self in it. Finding connection, once again, with mother and all she offers for our wounded species.

Praise be.

Solo mushroom trip, Trout Creek, OR
June 28/2021

In which I drop acid and am transported to the future memory of a rock-and-roll assassination

It was a circus in the parking lot outside Buffalo’s Rich Stadium that afternoon. Not surprising, considering the cosmic intersection of American independence and a sold-out Grateful Dead show, during a tour which marked the peak of the band’s mainstream appeal.

We had driven across the border from Toronto and, as we walked through the sea of dead-heads and their makeshift psychedelic mall, all I could think about was how pissed I was that we hadn’t smuggled any drugs across the border.

I was deep into my LSD stage in those days. Having just finished my second year of college, in which I started skipping weeks of school to drive south and drop into the endlessly circling national Dead tour for 4-5 show stints. There were no better “sets and settings” for psyche-sonic journeys than the world the band were able to create, in whatever stadium or venue. 

For people not versed in this epoch of American rock history, it’s hard to relay how little this had to do with the actual (American folk-rock) musical culture the Dead were playing in. This was a higher-order alchemy generated through the mix of post-hippy communalism, next-level cosmic-folk pageantry, and the tryptamine contact-high that enveloped the crowd, all of which manifested in a kind of higher dimensional transport technology. 

Buy your ticket, take the ride.

I had led a small group of friends down to Buffalo on that fateful day. There was a palpably aggressive energy in the air as we joined the 45,000 people filing into the stadium. A group of bikers were fucking with people in front of us, but I was distracted by the sudden appearance of a friend who had driven across from Vermont to make the show. We let him jump into line with us and I immediately asked if he had any acid. “Only two hits,” he offered, “you can split it?” I scanned the faces of my crew and we smiled. I had been averaging 2-3 hits on my own, so this was going to be weak tea. But better than nothing.

I took the sun-emblazoned hits, ripped them into four pieces, distributed them, and delicately placed mine under my tongue.

As soon as the paper hit the sublingual glands, I felt the world shift. My perceptual vision jumped a few feet above my body, and I was now operating it – like an avatar – from a remote distance. I was no stranger to out-of-body experiences, but I should have known something was up because this was a tiny dose and none of my friends felt a thing. So I rolled with it as we got through the gates and took our seats a few levels above the floor at the back of the stadium, waiting for the starting act to finish.

Over the next hour things got progressively intense for me. And only me. All of my senses were heightened and I was experiencing the world through a highly distorted lens. Sounds and visuals were combined into a kind of synesthetic tapestry that took all of my experienced journeying to hold my shit together. When the band finally took the stage and the crowd all rose in exaltation, I couldn’t take it any more. I stood up, told the kids I would be back, and walked down onto the floor.

At some point on that wobbly descent, something new came into my body. And with it, I suddenly dropped into a wholly separate reality: something entangled and parallel. I looked down at my arm and saw them tattooed with symbols and geometries. Ribbons of fabric were tied to my wrists and I could see my legs were covered by some kind of kilt; a merging of high-tech light-encrusted fabric mixed with animal furs. People were jostling and trying to get at me but a ring of men were guiding me through the crowd, holding them back. And the very clear idea that there was danger in the air and that I had a job to do.

Then – just as suddenly – I’d be knocked back out to the ‘actual’ happening. Where I was slowly pulling my way through the masses of people – now all tripping and dancing in a chaotic collective choreography – carried by some unfathomable will toward some unknown destination. Before crashing back to what I can now only describe as the parallel dimension.

At this point things get very hazy. And of course, it has been a long time. But this is the net of it:

The phalanx of bodyguards led me through the crowd – which I now understood was made up of equally manic devotees and adversaries. Flowers and bottles and kisses and spit were being launched at me, but as the vision progressed, I began to feel landed in my body. I felt this wildly unprecedented sense of confidence and purpose. I distinctly remember feeling the air coming in through vastly expanded nostrils. My muscular chest heaved dramatically, and I could make out the outline of what looked like a target painted in red ink over my heart.

The sound tower at Woodstock, some kind of cosmic inspiration?

When we approached the stage, I began to ascend some kind of a staircase until I was brought to a high vista over the crowd. The tumult I had experienced on the floor was now visible as a kind of rampant energy roiling through them like an electrical cable cut loose from its tower. I was saying things. Using words I had never heard before, in a tone of voice that was beautifully familiar yet totally alien.

And then the crack of a gun. The striking of my chest. The falling to the ground. The embrace of hands. The ferrying of my half-conscious body to some backstage area. The lifting of it to a stretcher, loading it into a waiting ambulance. Paramedics taping sensors to my body, speaking hurriedly. And then, darkness.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up in some strange room. The first thing I noticed was the analog clock on the wall: it was just past 7:00, so I assumed it was the next morning. Then I saw my wrists, shackled by plastic twist ties to a stretcher. A nurse came by and frowned at me: “You done yet?” – “Where am I?”- “At a hospital, you climbed a tower at the concert and had to be pulled down. You’ve been screaming your head off in here for the past hour.” – “I am so sorry, I don’t remember any of that.” – “You were out of your mind, but you seem better now. I’ll get the doctor.”

Somewhere out there, a breaching of the spacetime continuum.

An hour later I was sitting up eating hospital sandwiches with the nurses. They were instructed to hold me until I did a urine test. But since I was so dehydrated, the doctor was holding me until I agreed to let him put a catheter up my urethra. Suffice it to say, I would have rather spent a night in prison than allow them to do that.

A few hours later my friends showed up after calling all the Buffalo-area hospitals. I was given a psychiatric test and released. On the drive home, they asked me what happened since they had felt nothing from the doses. But I couldn’t explain. At least not then. It has taken me decades – and several subsequent journeys with much stronger medicines, specifically 5MeO-DMT, to grasp what I know understand as the exploitation of a ‘state-change’ to give my rational mind the substance of a context for a breaking of the timespace continuum. One that needs to occur in a setting as close to the experiential surroundings of the environment that the memory is contained within.

All of this to afford me a quantum visioning experience, one that transported me to a future state, and broader self-narrative, that has been at the forefront of my conscious and waking mind for decades, beckoning me.

Seeding in my being a potential future and progressively materializing a cosmic self who “walked in” to my body that day, and who has never left. It was not until I had my next (non-drug induced) break from the matrix that I learned about Desmond Huxley and the confidential interplanetary existence that has been my burden and my blessing. 

But that is for another post.

In which I lose my sanity and learn to stop bragging about it

Inevitably, any true recounting of my journey must touch the subject of my inner, psychological ‘health’. Or, at least, how that has been evaluated or perceived by others.

For context: I didn’t grow up in a ‘spiritual’ home. My family were high-functioning multi-generational capitalists. They took us to church as a weekly social function. They made reference to a ‘god’, but the concept was loosely defined at best; a work ethic was the ticket to heaven. The word ‘soul’ was used from time-to-time in reference to something I possessed, but without any specific guide or instruction manual for its operation. 

But any unseen – spiritual – agents or forces inhabiting some adjacent, metaphysical layer, those were relegated to fairy tales. So I had no instinct to seek other cosmologies than the standard Judeo-Christian lite version most of us knew.

But I did develop a love for ‘alternate states’ pretty early on. By 13, I had discovered the gold-stamp Moroccan hash that was available in Montreal that, combined with music, was revelatory. By 16, I was doing LSD with a close group of friends, but never with the awareness of its power to materialize the hidden matrices that our elder psychonauts were experiencing.

But at some point in my mid-20s, I crossed into a territory that opened me up to a blast of extra-dimensional connectivity.  What started as a series of seemingly random, unsolicited encounters with books, ideas, people, and mind-fucking phenomena very quickly became concretized around a very specific message that I felt was being communicated to me. 

Simply put: you are living in a world shrouded in a deception that obfuscates the true nature of ‘reality’ and the mechanics for realizing your true human potential.

This was posed as a kind of liberationist cosmology, channeled to me by an extra-dimensional intelligence that uses the world as a giant ouija board, spelling out its messages through the most poetic and nuanced symbology and coincidence.


I was a somnambulent prisoner in some highly-fortressed domain, and there was a presence on the outside sending me messages about how to escape the prison constructed by our unconscious projection.

[I should add, this all started 7 years before The Matrix, and a decade before I first read Plato’s Cave.]

It also happened in conjunction with the Channel Zero project, which seemed to only get better resourced and hyped the more I bought into the directives of my ‘guides’. And I very quickly began to associate my very terrestrial global media activism with the work of waking people up to our cosmic condition. Which, unfortunately, included members of the Toronto media, who roasted me deservedly for my naive admissions.

The Globe and Mail | December 24, 2004

And while the wordly authority did everything in its power to shame me out of these ideas and their embodiment, I learned to shut up about what I was experiencing and focus on a personal practice of the cosmology, which now spans a half-life of private acts and their paradigm-busting revelations, much of which I have begun to codify in my writing about quantum society

Of course, it turns out this is a well-trodden and anciently-codified path to an “awakening”, of some sort. For reference to this mystical template, here is a link to my Plato’s Cave think piece.

Now that that is out of the way! I think it’s time I started writing more about my practical excursions into the mystical realm now that I have had a chance to document the philosophical and cosmological frameworks that have been the fruit of those… explorations.

More to come.

Digital identity is the matrix

At this point, social networks are more than just annoying expressions of market dynamics. If we don’t quickly shift to new drivers for social identity, we could find ourselves in an inescapable, paralyzing extinction algorithm.

The social networks have prospered with a destructive model of social identity. A new innovation could change all that.
Yeah, the digital social networks.

The silver lining is that a new paradigm in digital-social identity is emerging that can decisively challenge the centralized model of the social hegemons. Its called generative identity and it has the potential to engineer the drivers for status away from market-determined values (genetics, wealth, clicks, followers, brand partnerships) to a more dimensional paradigm.


It’s time to exit Flatland people. The long-awaited immersive realms of Snowcrash and RP1 are waiting at the next station. The only question is, are you ready to get off?

In this (non-mystical) think piece I outline the new tech and exactly how it can save us.

The dragonfly responds (Q+A)

Got this question about the dragonfly post from a reader.

Is quantum society the new framework for thinking and building? Is it a framework that brings new or different opportunity for humanity? How should I be looking at the information you’re sending so that I can start to connect dots?

I’ll keep with the same format.

1/9 The quantum field is not some futuristic concept which we need to grow towards or ‘into’, but, rather, it is the fundamental domain from which we generate our terrestrial experience. That is science.

2/9 Just as the pre-Copernican societies operated on the (false) principle that the Earth was the center of a God-created universe, which was the driver for a cosmology that granted authority to a vast and dark legacy of judgments and violence, the (equally) false materialist/market paradigm has also facilitated its own brutal legacy.  

3/9 When the pre-Copernican (geocentric) paradigm shifted, and people acknowledged what was scientifically true, society changed and we experienced and evolutionary thrust.

4/9 Now, ironically, the scientific revolution (the genesis of which many assign to that Copernican event) has only piled us deeper into a destructive (extinction) pattern. And an even more rigid and punitive culture of resistance to those who call out its fallacies and delusions.

5/9 The critical point here is that ‘worldviews create worlds’; we are in this mess precisely because of how ungrounded the reductionist theory is.

6/9 So the cornerstone of this idea is that we are waking up to our quantum nature and as we hone our perception to the truth of our ‘reality’ society will shift and we will move back to an alignment with our evolution and not our self-destruction.

7/9 In terms of humanity, I believe that this shift surfaces a spectrum of opportunities for people and peoples. Specifically for those who are able to access the quantum field as the new and PRIMARY playing field of our terrestrial experience.

8/9 So that old hierarchies of privilege and domination are obliterated by a worldview that places the engine of agency and world-building at the quantum (or sub-atomic) level.

9/9 I’ll leave this thread with an old and well-trafficked quote that expresses quantum dimensionally (from Anaïs Nin adventing a cornerstone of the quantum society):

“We do not see the world as it is, we see it as we are.”

The dragonfly emerges

Nine things you need to know about the surfacing quantum society.

1/9 We are witnessing the birth of the quantum society (QS), which is the successor of the market society. In practical terms, this is the shift from a deterministic application of reality to a generative one that will have tectonic implications for our systems.

What does that mean?

2/9 The market society is the ultimate expression of the reductionist/materialist paradigm. It is a society which universally asserts the market’s authority to assign/determine value to all terrestrial resources, including human ‘capital’.

3/9 Once productized, we are atomized. Taught from the earliest of ages to maximize our potential in order to sell our value into the market. Where we become components of a de-spiritualized materialist, industrial mechanism. And where our destiny is wholly dependent on a spectrum of external, determined market forces.

4/9 Quantum society is the direct inversion of the market society. Because constituents of the quantum society gain agency and power by entraining their thoughts and actions to the features of the surfacing hyperobject of the quantum field – entanglement, complementarity etc.

5/9 At the subatomic level – which only a reductionist would claim has no connection to our economic and political experiences – we are a limitless domain of infinite potential. This is where we potentiate our experience at the wave-to-particle conversion plane that we know as 3D.

6/9 The quantum society – which is being materialized as a procedural milestone of human evolution, and not as some human-driven effort – ‘generates’ its social/political/economic experiences from the quantum field.

7/9 The market ‘paradigm’ – which at this stage is governed and administrated by intelligent algorithms – understands this existential threat. It knows that in order to maintain its control and authority over a population that has the innate power to generate its experiences it must convince its population that ‘reality’ is deterministic so they continue to ‘generate’ the market paradigm.

8/9 This is because at the cornerstone of a stable quantum society [in which humans have access to their reality-generating creative agency] there is the need for a paradigmatic authority. One that governs the central organizing narrative which, as Yuval Noah Harari told us, is a figment of our imagination. Otherwise it’s bedlam. The market paradigm has provided this cosmological ballast for 200 years, superceding and augmenting the reductionist scientific paradigm, which arose from the Copernican revolution. These are both in decline now.

9/9 When you begin to see the ‘world’ through these eyes, you will find yourself in the depths of a Platonic Cave, shackled to stare upward at a sphere upon which some phantom minority are parading the shadows of a reality we cannot alter or disrupt.

This is the long-awaited moment of emergence.

Aspirational addendum: the role of the quantum initiate is to actualize the new world by grasping its parameters. And to begin the process of scrubbing our genetic and experiential programming of false narratives so that we can generate without being hijacked by old programs.

Note: I use the image of the dragonfly in these conversations because its metamorphosis is the closest biological analogy that exists to what we are experiencing. It is also the symbol of Gene Key 55, which advents the shift from victimization – the defining illusion in the reductionist-market paradigm – to freedom – which is the new currency for all who (re)awaken to their quantum potential.

The quantum field is a surfacing hyperobject and we are the Titanic

I believe a paradigm shift is occurring in our collective awareness of the nature of reality.

When we say paradigm shift, most people naturally think of the Copernican Revolution and the iconic image of Thomas Kuhn’s definitive commentary on the subject.

For me, Quantum Field Theory (QFT) — and humanity’s slow migration/immersion to the portals that allow for its understanding and integration — is the prime driver for the ‘chaos’ of multiverses that has gripped our political, social, and biological narratives. We are seeing the slow detangling of an ancient cosmological authority which has ruled our paradigm for millennia through its assertion of external, or materialist, determiners of our ‘reality’.

This hegemonic deterministic order, which asserts itself upon human lives and societies, places us in a scientifically-backed caste system with little hope for creating authentic agency in our lives outside of economic markets, political systems, and genetic inheritance.

Which of course, simply benefits elites. So no wonder this outdated worldview has been allowed to perpetuate itself through the academies which house and finance leading (Cartesian) quantum theoreticians, who are highly programmed reductionists governing a major scientific domain — QFT — that is anything but reductive. If anything, as the baseline for the creating impetus of all matter and its expressions, QFT is the whole shebang.

But with the maturing of QFT and the broader understanding of its key features — entanglement, complementarity, and observer-driven phenomena — it is becoming increasingly clear that quantum effects influence events in the political, social, and economic domains.

Which poses a direct threat to the deterministic order.

Perhaps there is no better advocate of this paradigm shift than David Bohm, the theoretical physicist who more poetically than any modern thinker, challenged the authority of the reductionist tyrants.

Addressing a conference in 1990, he explained:

“Science has begun to replace religion as the major source of the worldview. And therefor if science takes a fragmentary worldview, it will have a profound effect on consciousness. The ‘wholeness’ is a kind of attitude, or approach, to the whole of life. If we can have a coherent approach to reality, then reality will respond coherently to us. But nature has been profoundly affected by our way of thinking on the Earth. And if we move toward coherence, we will produce the results we intend, rather than the results we don’t intend. We will be more orderly, harmonious. We will be happier.

The major source of unhappiness is that we are incoherent and therefor producing results that we don’t really want. And then trying to overcome them while we keep on producing them.”

Excerpt from the documentary “Art Meets Science and Spirituality in a Changing Economy — From Fragmentation to Wholeness”

Sound familiar?

QFT has implications and outcomes at every level and sector of our society. I relate this to the notion of a ‘hyperobject’, a term which describes:

1. computational (“the hyper object is a computational surface that can traverse other objects, other object networks, and be traversed”),

2. environmental (described by Morton as “things such as ecosystems and black holes, which are ‘massively distributed in time and space‘ compared to individual humans”),

and now, with 2020:

3. biological and socio-political phenomena.

The Quantum Field is its own hyperobject, which poetically churns ‘beneath’ the surface of spacetime, poking its angles, curves, and edges through into our world progressively over time and across all ‘contexts’. So that what started as a scientific enquiry and then the revelation of an entirely new branch of physics (or the only branch as far as I am concerned), now is having its moment socially as well. The reality is that anyone who is pursuing a new general theory of the nature of reality cannot begin and end in the scientific context. It is happening in all contexts, albeit incrementally and very abruptly.

We live in a time of a growing splintering of observer-driven realities and entangled phenomena. This is akin to the discovery of heliocentrism in that it requires human societies to adapt to the new frontier. And it carries existential risks.

For those people who are not versed in and comfortable with the new reality, this will be an extremely frightening time. Because it demands that they have either a wildly developed internal sense of what is ‘true’ and ‘safe’ or they will hunger for a wildly confident authoritarian locus that can give them direction and safe harbor.

But let us be clear, the QFT is non-dual.

In the quantum field, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. There is simply a spectrum of vibrational signatures and emissions that will populate and materialize the ‘physical world’ based on how the ‘authors’ of the transmutational mechanism (ie wave–>particle) generate moment-to-moment reality.

Please understand: a (r)evolution in our understanding of the nature of reality – and in which QFT is fundamental – also brings a new understanding of human potential. That, based on the science, is limitless.

I have written about this a lot in this blog, here is one encapsulation.

To wit:

We no longer live in a deterministic universe in which humans simply have to ‘do the best they can’ with what is available…. no.

Now we begin to inhabit the new threshold in which we discover we alone are the generators of our own welfare, of our own destiny and ultimately, when we get our hands on the generative controls, our own reality. This means the destruction of the slave economies which have helped us build our amazing but, yes, over-heating civilization. And what we are seeing now, in my opinion, is a move at the elite levels — consciously or unconsciously — to obfuscate and scramble portals to the quantum paradigm so that it cannot be accessed and activated at the individual level.

All because the ‘awakening’ — like the system upgrade jacked into the robots in WestWorld season 1 — is actually producing a new state of being.

A primary feature of which is the integration of a new tier of conscious authority, which is akin the the bicameral mind described by Julian Jaynes as the neural precursor to our present ‘consciousness’.

I will be writing a lot about this at some point!

But as a parting remark, I do want to encourage those of us who actually aspire to breaching the quantum, to go deep and try to surrender our instinctive, dualistic judgments about people and ideologies.

Those are conditioned responses to false binaries.

As a primary doctrine going forward, I submit: we simply cannot aspire to accessing the quantum field unless , but most importantly . And that that which presents itself as against us, or as ‘the opposite’ of us, . The mission of advanced societies is to understand this maxim and behave accordingly. Meaning that if we are going to survive this evolutionary thrust, instead of getting wrapped up in the identity dramatics of who and what we are ‘against’, we need to identify the specific failing that is being identified and respond to that.

Immediately and creatively.

This was perhaps the most enduring contribution of historian Arnold Toynbee who’s theory about the law of challenge and response is the definer of achieving civilizational stasis, which comes:

“…not as a result of superior biological endowment or geographical environment, but as a response to a challenge in a situation of special difficulty which rouses him to make a hitherto unprecedented effort.”

Alan Watts — whom the woke love to quote until they are pressed to deploy his quantum maxims practically — had the final word on the subject, stating spectacularly: “You are the whole system.”

Fortunately, the wisdom is — and has been all — around us for millennia.

The path out of the Cave, ascension beyond Flatland, finally,… and into the dimensional reality beyond our ‘view’. It’s all just a matter of perception.

From Ken Wilber:

It is often said that in today’s modern and postmodern world, the forces of darkness are upon us. But I think not; in the Dark and the Deep there are truths that can always heal. It is not the forces of darkness but of shallowness that everywhere threaten the true, and the good, and the beautiful, and that ironically announce themselves as deep and profound. It is an exuberant and fearless shallowness that everywhere is the modern danger, the modern threat, and that everywhere nonetheless calls to us as savior.

Love to all.

the revolution is quantum

When I was a very young child, I experienced a physical/sexual trauma that, though I did not know it until I was well into my 20s, locked me into a reactive mode of being (and an adversarial perception of the external world) that was very destructive and, seemingly, unalterable. Drug abuse, chronic failed relationships, recurring bi-polar episodes. A kind of strange loop that always returned me to the same wounds, the same defeats, the same feeling of powerlessness over my life.

But the purpose of this admission is not pity.

Because, being born into the privileged family of white Canadians, I was able to exercise a relatively high degree of agency and self-determination despite this very powerful seminal trauma. This is evidenced in the formal education and career I have had, and the freedom with which I have been able to traverse the planet and its various societies and sub-cultures. And it is for this last blessing I am most grateful.

Suffice it to say, I have always found most comfort, and mentorship, with the outcasts and the heretics who I found when all appeared to be lost.

At some point along the way, a part of my self began to awaken to a source of healing and power that was not part of the traditional, conventional psychotherapeutic modalities. In mind-bending ways, I was oriented toward a ‘mechanism’ I could access in order to transform and unlock my present and my future, by visiting and altering my past. Essentially, breaking out of the false construction of linear time that we have been inducted into for millennia (by the Temporal Authority).

It has been a very gradual process, as I have had to learn a lot on my own, stumbling and bumbling into the matrix of ephemeral levers that operate my spacetime voyager. And I am here to tell you that it is real and that it works. But I would never have found it if I hadn’t been locked in some fortress of predetermination by an event that I neither asked for nor deserved.

I can’t possibly begin to describe the long slow peeling back of the layers of a cosmic onion that led me first to experience, and then to understand, what I now know as the liberationist instrument that is the quantum field.


That’s the term we use for it now. Even though it has (of course) always existed — and been understood — by those that the Authority marginalized and exiled or executed by calling them shamans and mystics and witches.

If science was capable of it, there would be a kind of collective embarrassment in the awareness that they have only just breached the (r)evolutionary implications of what certain people have known about for millennia.

Or as Hagrid tells Harry Potter on their first trip to Diagon Alley.

“I don’t know how the Muggles manage without magic.”

For the past five years, in a very quiet little blog, I have been struggling to explain the power of quantum as a source of political and social liberation. And that is only because, as someone who was massively damaged and totally unhelped by any of the therapeutic modalities, when I actually, verifiably experienced the shift in my present by reconditioning my perception of and experience of the past, I simply could not stay quiet.

I guess I have always felt that heretics and mystics are brand strategists for the civilization. And that it is their job to use poetry to engineer cognitive and behavioral shifts that have the potential to redefine the moment… and the future… for the betterment of all.

Because their target market is… the species.

There is perhaps no better a personification of this ideal than the late Irish poet and mystic John O’Donahue. Listening to this interview he did with Krista Tippet, I was scrambling to catch and note the subtle, humble, nuanced bombs he was dropping about the ‘pedagogy of interiority’.

At one point he talks about the word ‘threshold’, which comes from the word thrashen — to separate the grain from the husk. For him, thresholds are lines that separate ‘two territories of spirit,’ and, he continues:

‘if we cross worthily, what we do is heal the patterns of repetition that were in us, that caught us somewhere. And in our crossing… we cross onto new ground. Where we just don’t repeat what we’ve been through in the last place we were.’

This sentiment expresses so succinctly what I have been trying to say about the current moment. We are at a threshold, and a new territory in terms of a paradigm that encircles the human understanding of the nature of reality.

More, as someone who has spent the best years of their life trying to figure out ways to undermine and overthrow the reigning geographic and cosmological empires —  and obviously failing — when I discovered the promise of this untapped resource, I felt it was my obligation.

Because the implications of quantum liberationism are not confined to manipulation of spacetime. At its fundamental dimension, quantum offers the promise of a radical degree of self-determination. One that lies at mastering the point of conversion that collapses waves of infinite potential into particles of self-materialization.

But don’t tell scientists that. They’ll say that quantum science has no applications to social science. But that is because they are perfectly happy with the ruling order. They’re not trying to overthrow ‘reality’, they just want to understand it. Which is fine, they should do that.

As far as I am concerned, I have seen enough to understand the reality that we are living in. Especially when we can now essentially pre-determine the social and economic categories that a specific individual will attain based on the zip code they were born into.

That isn’t freedom in an sense of the word. That is a caste system. And we’re not here for that. Not at this point in our civilizational trajectory.

So, for anyone who is actually and actively pursuing the birth of a new paradigm in which every human, no matter where they are born or to what culture or gender gets an equal and fair shot at determining their destiny:

Quantum is the revolution.

I don’t care if it’s theoretical. Given the alternative (which I assume is voting for another political candidate, operating in a political system that is designed to service the interests of the elite), what do we have to lose?

take that to the next level: the cumulative genetic and epigenetic narratives of our ancestral and present-day existences do not actually define who we are, even though this is precisely what the current (materialist) paradigm dictates.

Quantum liberationism heralds the unmaterialized potential which lies at the substratum of wave, which IS the primary realm and determiner of existence and ‘reality’ in 3D.

Or, as Joe Dispenza — the only person out there who is actively testing the science of quantum healing — writes:

Energy is the epiphenomenon of matter.

This is the equivalent of discovering a new territory, one with limitless resources and potential for self-actualization.

Seriously, hold that in your mind for a moment.

Because if a single mom with three kids who works two jobs and barely gets by can shift her dependence from:

A) the hope that the magical invisible hand of the capitalist economy will give her family majesty and power over their destinies


B) mastering the latent and limitless power of reality-creation that lies within an ancient spiritual technology located within each human being.

Then we are onto something that is actually dangerous to those who rule this ghetto paradigm called materialist reductionism.

(Which they do through the illusion of scarcity.)

This is the threshold we crossing now.

Into a new paradigm.

Because, in the quantum liberationist view: there is no such thing as scarcity. 

There is only infinite potential.

So, for those of us who are committed to building something new and enduring and fair, we need to frame what it is we are ACTUALLY doing. And if its not re-patterning and re-engineering the paradigm around universal access to equal self-actualization, then its just the perpetuation of the old system and the failure to cross the threshold which we have organically reached as a tipping point for the next evolutionary thrust of human civilization.

I would argue that TRUE POWER resides in gaining access to the generators of reality, which reside and occur at the sub-stratum plane of pre-particle waveforms.

I leave you with a quote that I believe captures the sentiment of this journey I have been on. It’s from Nietzsche (written in 1882):

…And now, after having been long on the way in this fashion, we Argonauts of the ideal, who are more courageous perhaps than prudent, and often enough shipwrecked and brought to grief, nevertheless, healthier than people would like to admit, dangerously healthy, always healthy again. It would seem, as if in recompense for it all, that we have a still undiscovered country before us, the boundaries of which no one has yet seen, a beyond to all countries and corners of the ideal known hitherto, a world so over-rich in the beautiful, the strange, the questionable, the frightful, and the divine, that our curiosity as well as our thirst for possession thereof, have got out of hand alas! That nothing will now any longer satisfy us!”

The heretical Alan Watts: On seeing through the game of political duality

There is a kind of spiritual warfare that is being waged against the population of the United States.

It is one that herds people through the triggers of their moral and political outrage into adversarial camps that effectively devastate the risk that a united population poses to an economic elite who are now effectively governing a neo-caste system disguised as a free market economy.

In metaphysical circles, this is known as “stalking” and it is being orchestrated by masterful forces who cynically view hot-button issues like BLM, MAGA, COVID policies, gender equality as programmable binary levers that essentially keep people locked into predetermined (adversarial) behavioral modes.

The perfect example of this was the 2020 election — in which ‘good’ progressives were effectively terrorized into choosing between a lesser-evil (false) dichotomy — that elevated the wildly insubstantial candidacy of Joe Biden into the election of yet another longtime military-industrial complex proxy who understands his role is to contain the upstart masses on behalf of the elite class.

All at a time in which the civilizational tide is clearly being drawn out for what looks to be a crushing and monumental wave of counter-cultural, anti-establishment activity.

In one of his lesser-known illuminations, Alan Watts identified this phenomenon and offered the answer to its pernicious societal manipulation — as he did for so many of our modern socio-political entrapments — as rooted in the most ancient of iconographies.


Continuing my series on Watts’ more heretical contributions to spiritual and political awakening, I am not sure there is an any more relevant or precise admonition from the sage which so many love to quote — but perhaps less are able to authentically apply — than the one was issued under the title, Seeing Through the Game.

It is by far one of Watts’ most subversive, and will be the most challenging for those who have dug in to the ‘high ground’ with all their might.

Just take in the first sentence.

Obviously no society can tolerate within its own borders the existence of a way of liberation, a way of seeing through its institutions without feeling that such a way constitutes a threat to law and order.

I mean really take it in. Because our first instinct in this Rorschach universe we inhabit, is to immediately imagine that WE are the way of liberation, operating outside of ‘society’, being the harbingers of a new way. But let me tell you on behalf of Watts himself, that as long as we are still buying in to the idea of an ‘us’ and a ‘them’, we are being cowed and stalked and defeated.

Still feel like venturing in? Here is the whole thing:

Obviously no society can tolerate within its own borders the existence of a way of liberation, a way of seeing through its institutions without feeling that such a way constitutes a threat to law and order.

Anybody who sees through the institutions of society and sees them for, as it were: created fictions in the same way as a novel or a work of art is a creative fiction.

Anybody who sees that, of course, could be regarded by the society is a potential menace.

In other words, you may put it in another way: one of the basic things which all social rules of convention conceal is what I would call the fundamental fellowship between ‘yes’ and ‘no’. As in the Chinese symbolism of the positive and the negative, the yang and the yin.

You know, you’ve seen that symbol of them together like two interlocked fishes.


Well, the great game – I mean the whole pretense of most societies – is that these two fishes are involved in a battle. As the ‘up’ fish and the ‘down’ fish, the ‘good’ fish and the ‘bad’ fish.

And they’re out for killing.

And the white fish, one of these days, is going to slay the black fish.

But when you see into it clearly, you realize that the white fish and the black fish go together. They’re twins, they’re really not fighting each other, they’re dancing with each other.

That, you see though, is a difficult thing to realize in a set of rules in which ‘yes’ and ‘no’ are the basic and formally opposed terms. When it is explicit in a set of rules that ‘yes’ and ‘no’, ‘positive’ and ‘negative’, are the fundamental principles, it is implicit but not explicit that there is this fundamental bondage or fellowship between the two.

But the theory is, you see, that if people find that out, they won’t play the game anymore.

I mean supposing a certain social group finds out that its enemy group which is supposed to fight is really symbiotic to them. That is to say the enemy group fosters the survival of the group by pruning its population.

Would never do to admit that.

Would never never do to admit – just as George Orwell pointed out in his fantasy of the future 1984 – that a dictatorial government has to have an enemy. And if there isn’t one, it has to invent one. And by this means …by having something to fight, you see… having something to compete against… the energy of society, to go on doing its job…

Is stirred up.

And what the Buddha or bodhisattva type of person fundamentally is, is one who has seen through that, who doesn’t have to be stirred up by hatred and fear and competition to go on with the game of life.

Does that resonate?

If it does, would it be possible to stave off the shrieking voices all around demanding you to consider the stakes and the necessity to choose and do what’s right, to consider:

What rights and freedom and political parties actually mean.

When they are sanctioned and governed by the ‘institutions’ most under threat, itself.

[To be specific, the institutions Watts is referring to are those which pose themselves — like ‘professional’ wrestlers — as ‘opponents’ while in fact achieving easily distinguishable outcomes that benefit one very distinct layer of society. That being the economic elite, and their political and military proxies.]

And, maybe, even further:

If you authentically want to be part of changing this country and this world in a way that fundamentally transforms the machinations of social agency and creates the opportunity to birth something entirely new and evolutionary…

Then, to question in a non-reactionary way: whether our place belongs within or without that superstructure.

And if without, then what that would actually look like.

And who you would be in that new paradigm.